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What is Pet Hospice?

Veterinary hospice care focuses on comfort care, emphasizing quality of life for a pet facing a terminal or debilitating disease. It is a deep level of care centered on helping your pet live each day to the fullest, as well as supporting pet parents & caregivers. 


What can you expect?

We are aN international community of independent Hospice veterinarians, Veterinary Nurses and Social Workers.

We will educate, guide and create a customized plan to care for your pet through this difficult time. An initial hospice visit typically encompasses:

  • Comprehensive physical examination & history

  • Discussing your concerns & wishes

  • Pain & quality of life assessment

  • Managing pain & mobility

  • Creating a safe & comfortable living environment

  • Maintaining hydration & nutrition      

  • Lab work as needed

  • Education on care, expectations, & disease progression


Certified Veterinarians, Veterinary Nurses & Social Workers

Loving Care

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